About me

I’m a Ph.D. student in School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Tech, specializing in Robotics. I’m advised by Dr. Ye Zhao at the Laboratory for Intelligent Decision and Autonomous Robots (LIDAR).

Prior to that, I received an M.S. also in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2020 and a B.Eng. in Automation from Northeastern University (China) in 2018.

My research interests center around planning, control and optimization for manipulation and legged locomotion, especially in:

1) Computationally efficient trajectory optimization and whole-body control for highly dynamic motions;

2) Task and motion planning for single- and multi-robot system;

3) Learning algorithms for agile locomotion.


  • May 2023: Our work on soft contact manipulation is finally accepted by TRO!
  • Jan 2023: One paper on vision-based navigation has been accepted by ICRA.
  • June 2022: Our momentum-aware trajectory optimization and MPC paper has been accepted by RA-L. [pdf]
  • May 2022: Our multi-robot task allocation and planning work has been accepted by CASE 2022! The extended version is attached. [pdf]
  • August 2021: One paper on rapid quadruped spinning is accepted by Frontiers in Robotics and AI. Link is here.